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I just got an electric Aixam and have tried to swap out the charger.
As soon as that's removed things don't work, as the ECU, charger and controller are interconnected.

Its been a big task rewiring the pedal and key inputs directly into the controller, I would not recommend it for the faint hearted. There is a birds nest of a million identical wires there which are not labled.

In a nutshell Aixams are very difficult to work on. Some parts of the design are not logical or modular.

I'm seeing more and more 'non-operational ones' on ebay. Just so others know I would caution that its not a simple job to swap out any of the components!


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Is there any issue when removing items for service from the Aixam and then putting them back again (such as the charger), or are the issues only when replacing with different items?

Have you tried connecting with the Curtis controller serially, (mine is a 1244)? I am trying to understand what goes on controlling the Motor - I had an issue with the motor overheating and wish to make sure it can't happen again!

I have also tried to source batteries, any ideas of reasonably priced ones. Exide no longer produce the correct size. Arggggggggh.

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Christopher, is your Aixam pre 2010? My understanding of it is that uptil then Aixam used Sepex motors which are both complex and inefficient. They have a controller part for the rotor and another for the field windings ... hence the heat.
The later models moved to Induction AC motors.
Those earlier models are notoriously difficult to work on
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