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After a lot of faffing about, I've finally discovered the problem with this controller is the EEPROM, it is faulty!
By removing it and checking it out on my EEPROM programmer it shows that the device cannot be written to.  Much of the memory content is FF and 3F, with the odd other random number.
So, my problem is: a) is it necessary to reprogram a new (93LC86) with "correct" data, or b) will the controller accept a working EEPROM and allow appropriate data to be entered via the Curtis programming software?  Obtaining a copy of the original content would be about as possible as finding hen's teeth! But I'm optimistic that a new EEPROM may be OK.  It seems unlikely that one would be programmed prior to soldering it to the board, and there are no ICSP or JTAG connectors for doing it post assembly.

I wonder if anyone out there is more knowledgeable about such matters?

Thanks in advance.
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