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Hi, I recently bought a curtis 1228-2908. I have connected it to the motor and it keeps producing 3 beeps then 2 beeps, according to the manual, I should check the EM brake. I have done son and it's still not working.

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I have some experience with this range of controllers, so may be able to help. I am not a professional EV technician, and much of what I learned is simply by experience, plus a lifetime working in electronics!
First, I would ask if you have programmed the device to suit your particular application. If it was new some parameters may need changing; if it was second-hand again it may not have been set up for your use.
Second, if the motor/transaxle has an electromagnetic brake it's possible it is faulty, either open circuit or shorted. The controller checks the current drawn and will flag an error if out of spec.
The same applies if the brake can be applied manually; if it has been set ON then again an error may be flagged. Some brakes have a switch associated and this can be sensed; again if it's there and faulty an error is flagged.

I assume you're aware that the controller will not do anything until any and all such 'faults' are cleared.  I have found it useful while 'fiddling about' with the controller to set it up with a test rig, with the LED etc. as per the manual with a 24 volt supply, but I can appreciate this may seem unnecessarily OTT!

As an afterthought, do you have the necessary kit to read controller parameters and change them?

Best regards.
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