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I am an engineer in electronics and I always need to study different fields of electronics. Now, I am going to study such a topic as how to use bluetooth audio adapters to connect computers. 
Before finishing this project, we need to make some necessary preparations for the study.

1. Using a Bluetooth adapter to connect to a computer, we recommend using IVT software because there are some problems with Microsoft's own software.
2. You can use the USB to TTL serial port to connect the Bluetooth module directly. Its virtual serial port is com2. Then connect the Bluetooth adapter to the computer. Download and install IVT. Allow them to have a drive operation.
3. After the completion of Andrews restart the computer.

Ps: If you can not go smoothly, please follow steps to check which step goes wrong.

How to use blue audio adapters to connect computers ?

1. Open the icon on the desktop. Enter the IVT interface
2. Then, we'll be waiting for the drive to be installed continually. After the completion of the point of the yellow earth, the Bluetooth adapter began to search for nearby Bluetooth devices, found the Bluetooth module.
3. After the search is complete, right click on the icon of the Bluetooth device and refresh the service.
4. The top of a row of services, the third Bluetooth serial port service becomes yellow, indicating that the Bluetooth module has a serial function.
5. Right-click the Bluetooth device icon and point to pair.
6. After the pairing is successful, the Bluetooth device will have a small hook.
7. Then right-click the device, and then point to connect the Bluetooth serial port service.
8. Pop up the connection prompt, is occupied COM4 port (which can be another COM port such as COM7 mouth, etc., according to the specific computer Free COM port to determine). Prompt whether the long-term occupation of COM4 port, click No.

At this moment, the Bluetooth connection was successful. There is a green line between the earth and the equipment.

If you are using the slave module from the bottom of the lights will be turned from flashing to light, indicating that with the bottom of the Bluetooth module and Bluetooth adapter connected successfully. If the master-slave module, how the lights will become flash twice.
After the connection is complete, we can use the serial assistant to debug.

After reading my steps on how to use bluetooth audio adapters to connect computers, do you have any ideas ? I wonder to know if you're thinking that "I can not imagine how it could be possible that the installation for bluetooth is so easy." What is your idea ? Any of your ideas would be highly appreciated.

May someone would like to help ?

thanks in advance.

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