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I've been cruising along with my board about 5 km almost every day since november and for the most part it has been working surprisingly well considering that it's my first build. Recently though I started having some problems. When I ride, the motor sometimes gives off a bad noise and loses most of the torque. 

The cells were all in the range of 3.89-3.92V, but I have also experienced this with it fully charged. One interesting piece of information is that this doesn't happen unless I stand on the board so I checked to make sure that it wasn't just the belt being worn but even replacing it didn't fix the problem. It seemed to work at first but after a day the problem was back. I have checked all wires coming out the esc, they all seemed fine upon close inspection. 

I am suspecting that the motor is the problem. There have been tiny amounts of splash of water from the road every now and then, and my fear is that this is the result of enough buildup. 

 There is some black residue in the top which look almost like burned plastic (probably dried dirt?!) on the coils. Could this be my problem or do you think that the problem is something else? Is it possible to clean this up to test and if so how would I dismantle the motor to get access, and are there any special cleaning products needed? Any tips, recommendations, links would be much appreciated.

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Hi, Is the motor a brushless one, and inrunner or outrunner?
I'd really like to hear how you constructed it as I tried to build a powered skateboard once!
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